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I was born and raised in Kansas, over 700 miles from the nearest drop of saltwater. Growing up, my goal was to become a chiropractor until I was inspired by a video on YouTube made by DevinSuperTramp that changed my life. I then decided to become a cinematographer and upon graduation from high school, took a trip to Hawai’i. I immediately fell in love with nature and the arts and was inspired to showcase the raw beauty of the islands to the world. I took a leap and moved to Maui to pursue this dream of becoming a filmmaker. All free time I had was spent adventuring, discovering and learning more about the islands, its people and its culture and capturing bits of it on film.

Filmmaking has given me the opportunity to meet people around the world, delve into new cultures, and take an emotion or feeling and express it into a piece of art that I share with the world.

My intent with film is to showcase beautiful destinations worldwide from a unique perspective and inspire people to live a life fulfilled by helping the world around us.


If you have never picked up a camera before, used an editing program, or are just getting started, but always dreamed of creating videos, then this is for you. I cover all of the basic fundamentals plus so many useful tips and all my creative techniques to take your videos to the next level.


You know how to create stunning videos but you struggle on growing your business and getting high paying jobs or growing your social media following. This is for you. I will help you land clients and also show you my biggest mistakes over the years that have cost me tens of thousands of dollars so you don't make them too!

People Who Are Stuck

If you are stuck working a boring job and want to pursue your creative passions and travel the world, then this is for you. I show how you can take your filmmaking skills from this course and turn your hobby into a part-time job, or even a full fledged career.

Q: Will I have access to the course for ever?

A: Yes, this is a lifetime membership. You'll have access to all current course content
+ all NEW content I'll be adding to it every single month.

Q: Which editing programs do you use in this course?

A: Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects

Q: Do I need an expensive camera?

A: Not at all. If you own a smartphone or action camera you have everything you need to start filming.
Most of my highest paying film jobs are shot on an action camera.

Q: Will I learn how to get clients?

A: Yes, we cover the business side of the industry and how to land clients successfully.

Q: What camera gear do you recommend?

A: Below are my top recommendations.

  • Amir is so unique in his style, not only did Amir give us insight, he did it with an open and welcoming heart. He’s patient and made sure everything he told us was clear, people are lucky to learn from him.

    Gumlee Ete - @gumlee_ete
  • Amir is wise beyond his years, I’ve learned a ton from him since he’s really perfected his craft and he never holds back! He revealed all his tips and tricks and answered all of my questions, I will keep supporting him and his causes!

    Jay Ritch - @jay.ritch
  • Not only did I receive the guidance and teaching I was looking for, but Amir created an environment where we could come together as friends and share our ideas and passion for videography. I am overwhelmingly grateful to learn from Amir.

    Innes Simpson - @innes_simpson
  • Amir’s knowledge is only rivaled by his passion. His instruction is clear and engaging, the information he provides is easy to follow, even for beginners. I would highly recommend to anyone to invest in his tutelage right now, and be better off for it.

    Casey Sholson - @caseysholson
  • I learned more from Amir in a week than I ever did in my entire academic career! I have most definitely improved my shooting/editing skills as well as marketing myself, networking and keeping the planet clean too! If you have the chance to learn from him, don’t pass it up!

    Cameron Hoffman - @camroho
  • In my life, I have never had a more influential and life changing 7 days. Meeting Amir was a wake up call for me, seeing the ways he challenges himself, takes care of himself, and is constantly pursuing growth on a daily basis was truly life changing for me. I left Peru a different person, and I 100% owe it to Amir. I would not be the person I am today if I hadn't gone on this trip.

    Zach Fones - @zachfones
  • I’m confident that this online course Amir has developed will be the most valuable material out there because he doesn’t HIDE anything. He shares everything he knows with the sole purpose of inspiring others to pick up their tools and create art that will have a lasting impact on the world.

    Nimmi Tom - @nimtom_
  • I fell in love with the learning process that I had the opportunity to study under Amir, he is kind and genuine with an exceptional talent for teaching others the in's and out's of photography/videography…grateful for the opportunity!

    Keiko Vassalli - @keikovassalli


With over 15 hours of educational content, ZVA teaches you ALL the techniques, tips, and secrets to becoming a successful filmmaker. Become a pro in this business, and master your craft!


Share your journey with like minded creators who will be there to support you and give you feedback on all of your works!


Buy the course once and get access for life.


Unlike courses that become outdated after some time, ZVA is an ever-growing academy meaning the content will always stay current, fresh, and actionable!


I’m so confident you will LOVE ZVA that I am proud to offer a 30 day money back guarantee in case you aren't completely satisfied.


Learn all my filmmaking secrets that you can incorporate in your own videos to make them stand out! My unique techniques have led me to work with brands such as RedBull, DJI, American Express, Tourism Boards and 5-Star resorts!


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