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Pull Off Screen

A transition we use in every single video, but in this case we ran into some difficulties. Watch Albin as he problem solves and brings it to life.


  • Amir is so unique in his style, not only did Amir give us insight, he did it with an open and welcoming heart. He’s patient and made sure everything he told us was clear, people are lucky to learn from him

    Gumlee Ete
  • Amir is wise beyond his years, I’ve learned a ton from him since he’s really perfected his craft and he never holds back! He revealed all his tips and tricks and answered al of my questions, I will keep supporting him and his causes!

    Jay Ritch - @gumlee_ete
  • Not only did I receive the guidance and teaching I was looking for, but Amir created an environment where we could come together as friends and share our ideas and passion for videography I am overwhelmingly grateful to learn from Amir

    Innes Simpson - @innes_simpson
  • Amir’s knowledge is only rivaled by his passion. His instruction is clear and engaging, the information he provides is easy to to follow, even for beginners.I would highly recommend to anyone to invest in his tutelage right now, and be better for it.

    Casey Sholson - @caseysholson
  • I learned more from Amir in a week than I ever did in my entire academic career! I have most definitely improved my shooting/editing skills as well as marketing myself, networking and keeping thew planet clean too! Off you have the chance to learn from him,don’t pass it up!

    Cameron Hoffman - @camroho